The Ceili Band

From left to right: Martin, Meghan and Ian accompanying Ceili dancers in Kingston, Ontario
Seventh Town Ceili band on stage accompanies Irish dancers from McGrath School of Irish Dance in Kingston, Ontario
Ceili dancers in Kingston, Ontario

Since 2014, the Seventh Town Ceili Band has been providing live music for Irish social "ceili" dances across eastern Ontario.

The ceili band also plays for Irish dance demonstrations, recitals and competitions and for special events in the region.

The Seventh Town Ceili Band is Meghan Balogh on fiddle, Ian Leslie on uilleann pipes and Martin Smit on piano. 


 "Seventh Town Ceili Band has been the band of choice for all of Harp of Tara’s ceilis for a number of years now. They have helped us out at a number of special events as well, some of which have involved effort beyond the call of duty on their part.    

Without exception they are all highly skilled and competent musicians who completely understand how to play for dancers with the proper rhythms and speeds and tunes that fit the dance. They can vary the speed according to the skill level of the dancers and very willing to do so. The ability and willingness of a band to do this are critical to the success of any ceili. 

They are also very pleasant, friendly and accommodating people who are a pleasure to work with. As long as they want to keep playing for us, we will keep having them do so."

- Stephen Rayner, Chairman 
Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, Harp of Tara Kingston 


Seventh Town ceili band and a guest accompany ceili dance