“You can’t understand the talent and hard work that has gone into creating a group like Seventh Town without seeing them live. Their respect for the traditional music they perform really comes through then. As does their uncompromising musicianship, creative approach and flair for showmanship. It’s clear they love what they do - and it’s so much fun to watch.” 

- Randy Stewart, Shelter Valley Concert Series


Seventh Town is a four-piece Celtic folk band from Prince Edward County, Ontario. Seventh Town blends traditional Irish, Scottish and Canadian songs and fiddle tunes with fiddle, guitar, double bass and Irish whistles to back up four-part vocal harmonies. 

The core members have been playing together for more than a decade. That musical chemistry shines through in Seventh Town’s thoughtful and harmony-driven arrangements of old and new Celtic and folk pieces.  

Seventh Town’s latest album,10,000 Miles, to be released this spring, is a collection of contemporary and traditional songs and instrumentals.  

Though they’re often found playing in pubs across the region, Seventh Town isn’t a pub band. There’s not much of the raucous or brash about them — audiences are treated to melodic arrangements with instrumentation that showcases the band members’ several decades of combined musical experience and practice.  

Seventh Town has entertained audiences on festival and theatre stages, for live music series, house parties, weddings, and church and nonprofit fundraisers throughout Ontario.  


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Album cover for Seventh Town's CD released 2009

"Seventh Town" (2009)

Album cover for Seventh Town's upcoming CD, called 10,000 Miles

"10,000 Miles" (2023)

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